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Here is what previous attendees have to say about what they experienced at a RelaxArt workshop.


“When I arrived for my RelaxArt session I had a head crammed full of stuff that I knew I needed to do  and it was preventing me from unwinding.  I had no idea what to expect, but I really enjoyed my time. We started the session off with some simple breathing and visualisation exercises to calm us down, then we were free to play!  I was like a kid in a candy shop faced with a table full of paper, paint, colouring pencils, glues & decorative papers. I can honestly say that in those 2 hours my mental to-do list didn’t seem to exist and I thoroughly enjoyed creating my ‘masterpiece’ – wallpaper birds, sitting prettily on a golden branch. I left feeling calm, relaxed and inspired to do more. I would recommend it to anyone – the goal is not to become an artist, but to achieve a relaxed and calm mind. And it works!” – Julia

RelaxArt Workshop
RelaxArt Workshop

“It was an opportunity to let my creative juices flow and do something for myself” – Raffat

“Excellent way to spend an afternoon to chill ou and relax body and mind” – Ranjna

“A new experience and time for oneself” – Mary

“RelaxArt was the platform I needed to kickstart a new and very fulfilling hobby. I’m no artist but I am pleasantly suprised at how creative I can be.” – Lloyd

RelaxArt Workshops RelaxArt Workshops RelaxArt Workshops

“I found the RelaxArt workshop very enjoyable and would definitely come back again. I liked the fact that we got to explore our mind and create art through what we felt or were thinking at the time.” – Emma

“RelaxArt has been a great experience. It enabled me to spend 2 hours with my mind completely thought free and relaxed. Totally absorbing and creative.” Kalpana

“I loved being surrounded by colour, sparkles and texture again, like a little kid! The only time I ever stop thinking about work is when I’m being creative, so it was nice to get some quality me-time.” Sheree

“Allow yourself a few hours to be creative and focused in one of Prabha’s RelaxArt workshops. A great way of relaxing and getting inspired.” – Martina





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