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RelaxArt™ workshops are designed to enhance wellbeing through the process of creativity.

We’re all creative in our own ways. Each one of us has a unique set of gifts with which to express our creative selves. We can also develop new creative outlets outside of our talent areas. So yes, everyone is creative, and everyone can become more creative.

In today’s hectic lives we are constantly checking the clock or interrupted by emails, calls, and text messages.  It’s gotten to the point that many of us resort to constantly checking these sources of contact when we aren’t directly engaged and it’s killing our productivity and creativity.

RelaxArt Workshop Sometimes with all of life’s responsibilities, we forget that we need and deserve ‘down time’ and self care. As a child, do you remember finger painting, drawing with chalk on the pavement or making Plasticine sculptures? Do you remember how these small and simple acts made you feel? Most likely, you felt happy, relaxed and experienced a sense of freedom – the freedom of getting lost in your imagination. So, as an adult, what’s stopping you from reclaiming these feelings every day, particularly in these challenging and highly stressful times?

At a RelaxArt™ workshop we hide the clock, close email and turn off the phones giving you the right environment to re-engage with that creative side that came so easily when you where a child.

Using a combination of relaxation techniques to help you access your creative mind, you’ll have the opportunity to explore and experiment without judgement.

This is not an art class, it’s a creativity workshop and you will leave with your creation!

The process will allow you to let go of stress and negativity in a peaceful environment.

From soothing tension to discovering a new talent, creativity can offer the optimum escape, joy and self-awareness. Moreover, the process of creation can take you out of one state of mind and put you in a better one – one that helps you manage your behaviour, so you can find insight and focus and take on any challenge that presents itself.

Benefits of  RelaxArt™ at Work

Dr Gregson, author of the “R2 plan” (Restoring the Balance), a ten-point guide for dealing with everyday stress, said:
“Stress can have detrimental effects on our health and well-being. Our research shows that art can have a significant impact on state of mind and stress reduction.”

Any organisation can benefit from the outcomes of stress reduction, creative expression of thoughts and ideas, and team building.
We can bring these two hour RelaxArt™ workshops to your office and empower employees to produce creative, out of the box solutions at work by learning how to engage the right brain.

Employees can become stressed, frustrated, anxious, and unsure of how to address issues in the work environment. People need a safe space where they can identify and express their thoughts and feelings, in order to find meaningful resolution that benefits themselves and their organisation at large.

By providing a special environment that will nurture and sustain the creative spirit, participants will learn ways to alleviate stress and regain a sense of self and renewed productivity.As well as a nurturing environment this workshop with inject an element of fun into the workplace. A fun work environment leads to more creativity, increased group cohesiveness, less conflict, less stress, less turnover and it encourages people to think more innovatively. Employees are more engaged in the work that they do, and the company as a whole becomes more inventive. It also sends a great message to current and prospective employees about the approach of the organisation.In his book Shine, Dr. Edward Hallowell argues that peak performance is impossible without play.  Enhancing Wellbeing Through Creativity

Play engages the imagination, which is responsible for all great discoveries.  It is especially critical in today’s conceptual age where creative, right brain thinking is what is needed to excel.

Employees will leave feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, more productive and unafraid to use right-brained thinking in the workplace.

Contact us to find out more or book a RelaxArt™ workshop